A Brief Guide on Blepharoplasty (Double Eyelid Surgery)

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In Singapore and other Asian countries like South Korea and China, having double eyelids is considered a very attractive feature. Naturally born with single eyelids, Singaporeans have included double eyelids in their standard for exceptional beauty. Singaporean men and women, celebrities and the not, desire to have double eyelids. Being open to cosmetic enhancements, more and more patients have turned to cosmetic surgery to turn their single eyelids to double eyelids.

The procedure to achieve double eyelids is called blepharoplasty or double eyelid surgery. Blepharoplasty in Singapore is very common and is surely available in most Singaporean cosmetic clinics. The procedure is really popular that even Singaporean parents let their children undergo the procedure as a gift. If you are one of those who are interested in having double eyelids, Dream gives you here a brief guide on blepharoplasty to kick start your journey.

How does blepharoplasty work?

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Through blepharoplasty, the single eyelid is turned to double eyelid by creating creases/folds on the upper eyelids. The procedure can be incisional or non-incisional which differs mainly on how the crease is created.

Incisional versus Non-incisional Blepharoplasty

To give you an idea as to what approach best suits you, we will briefly compare the incisional and non-incisional blepharoplasty in the following section.

  • How the crease is made

From the name itself, the incisional method requires incisions (cut the skin) to create the creases in upper eyelids. The surgeon first marks the areas on the upper eyelid for incision by surgical pen. Then, several incisions are made on the marked areas, where the unwanted and excess fat and muscles are removed. The cut or incision is then closed by either skin glue or sutures.

On the other hand, the non-incisional method is the opposite of incisional where incisions are not required. Instead of incisions, the upper eyelids are stitched together to create the crease by sutures. Same as in the incisional method, the surgeon will first mark the area in the upper eyelid to be stitched. Punctures will then be made on the marked areas and sutures will be inserted on these punctures. The sutures are pulled tight to create the double eyelid crease.

  • Expected Outcomes

Although in some way, the 2 methods follow the same principle that is to create a crease on the upper eyelids to achieve a double eyelid, non-incisional and incisional can produce different outcomes. Through the incisional method, you can have defined double eyelids if you have heavy or puffy eyes. Also, via the incisional method, low, medium to high crease height can be created. Even parallel or tapered creases can be achieved with the incisional method. Since the process creates a cut in the skin, removal of excess of fat, skin and muscle is possible, producing a less puffy look. Through the non-incisional method, low to the medium can be achieved for a more natural look.

  • Duration of procedure and recovery

The incisional approach requires 1-2 hours for completion and a 5-7 day recovery period. The non-incisional method on the other hand only needs 20 minutes and only requires a short period to fully recover.

  • Life span

With the incisional method, since the skin has been cut, the double eyelid crease will likely be permanent while the crease from the non-incisional method is temporary and reversible. Meaning, it can still be undone to revert the eyelids to their original appearance.

Where to go for blepharoplasty in Singapore

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Now, after getting an idea about the available methods for blepharoplasty, you are probably wondering where to go to have the procedure. To guide you better on your journey to having double eyelids, you may consult with the expert surgeons of Dream Singapore who have a variety of procedures to widen your options.

If you are interested in a non-incisional approach and want to do away with the incisions, Dream has improved the way of doing non-incisional blepharoplasty and ensured the highest quality. The surgeons at Dream Singapore are skilled in Korean double eyelid techniques – originated by Dream Medical Group in Seoul which is under a same holding company. Through the Korean technique, the creases are created by weaving the suture in an interlocking pattern. This way, the skin is pinned down to create long-lasting and clean lines. This method is used to create more natural-looking double eyelids. If you are a person with a busy lifestyle, this method is ideal since only a short downtime is required. Dream Singapore is, in fact, the first and only authentic Korean plastic surgery clinic in Singapore with a day surgery centre certified by MHO.

Of course, incisional blepharoplasty is also offered for those interested to have a more permanent result. Here, the muscles are not removed excessively and hollow lines will not be left by the scars from the incision made. The scars will look natural like a wrinkled forehead when closed because thin sutures are used to make sure scars are barely visible. This is also an ideal method for people with thicker or heavier eyelids.

You can surely get your most desired double eyelids at Dream Singapore where the surgeons have almost 20 years in performing blepharoplasty and are highly skilled and experienced. Professionalism, safety and quality patient care are guaranteed.


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