An Aesthetic Expert’s Take on Getting Rejuran Healer in Singapore

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Looking ageless is what a lot of women wish to achieve as they advance in years. The aesthetic industry knows that very well as the demand for cosmetic treatments and procedures that address skin ageing continues to spike year after year. One query that is commonly asked is this: Is there an all-in-one treatment that can bring back younger-looking skin?

It is understandable why this question normally springs up during doctor consultations. Most women come into aesthetic clinics to have not only one skin problem addressed but several. Why? This is because signs of skin ageing come in various forms, such as dull and dry skin, enlarged pores, and wrinkles among others.

What if you were told that there is a product that can actually deal with a couple of your skin woes and make your face look several years younger? Curious yet?

The rise in the number of patients patronising Rejuran Healer in Singapore is proof that this aesthetic treatment has shed light on a woman’s desire of ageing gracefully. Dr Chua Cheng Yu unravels what Rejuran can do to your skin in this write-up.

Rejuran Healer: What is it?

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Many of you may know, South Koreans are popular for their skin care treatments. You may have noticed of South Korean celebrities that have porcelain-looking and dewy skin that you may be baffled when you find out about their age. I lay this fact down because Rejuran Healer is actually a product that hails from this country.

Rejuran Healer is composed of molecules called polynucleotide (PN). This molecule is naturally present among the living and is a portion of the DNA. The polynucleotide found in Rejuran Healer is taken from salmon milt. When injected into the skin, PN works its magic by “healing” the skin from the inside through hydration and improvement of skin elasticity, resulting in a skin that appears younger. Hence, Rejuran Healer has earned the nickname baby skin injections or 婴儿针.

Unlocking the secret of Rejuran Healer

You may be wondering what makes this product different from all other products that promise the same “youthful” outcomes. What sets Rejuran Healer apart from other aesthetic treatments is its ability to regenerate tissue, which is a plus in delaying skin ageing and repair. Aside from that, the polynucleotides present in this product also aids in speeding up the body’s healing process. Because of this capability, PN is likewise able to minimise the development of scars.

Options, options, options!

The available Rejuran Healer in Singapore has three (3) types:

  • Rejuran I
  • Rejuran HB (Hydro Boost)
  • Rejuran S

Here’s a table comparison of the three (3):

Rejuran IRejuran HBRejuran S
  • Best for eliminating eye wrinkles
  • Has lower viscosity
  • Improved skin elasticity
  • Reduces the appearance of crow’s feet
  • Boosts the skin’s strength for tissue regeneration
  • Intense hydration for skin repair
  • Medium viscosity
  • Best to treat and reduce the appearance of scars
  • Effective for acne scars that are depressed
  • Provides volume to the depressed skin, paving the way for skin reformation

Be sure to consult with your doctor in order to know which of the three types of Rejuran Healer is effective for your skin condition.

Steps in Rejuran Healer procedure

Preparing for Injection of Rejuran Healer

The success of the results of your Rejuran Healer treatment does not only lie in the effectiveness of the product, but in the skills of the doctor doing your procedure also. Because Rejuran is administered with the use of injection, your doctor must be knowledgeable and precise in placing this into your skin.

There are two ways that Rejuran Healer can be performed: one is by freehand manual technique and the other is with the use of a gun injection. Among the two, freehand manual technique is the choice of the experts as it is more controllable and precise. Remember that the results may be botched when the product is improperly injected into the skin.

Here are the steps in administering Rejuran Healer:

  • Step 1 – Cleansing of the treatment area.
  • Step 2 – Application of numbing cream or anaesthesia to lessen pain and discomfort during the procedure.
  • Step 3 – Injection of Rejuran Healer into the skin.

To get optimum results, it is recommended that patients get at least 3 to 4 sessions of Rejuran Healer within 2 to 4 weeks interval. Final results can be observed following the last session of your treatment. Maintenance is also suggested to keep the results last longer. Patients can return for maintenance sessions once within 6 to 9 months.

Safety is priority

Is Rejuran Healer safe? You bet it is! Rejuran Healer has the approval of the South Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safet (KFDA) and it is also approved by the Singapore Health Sciences Authority.

All about the money

When considering getting Rejuran Healer as part of your skin regimen, be prepared financially as this treatment may cost too much for some. You can expect to pay anywhere from $600 to $1,400 per session of a Rejuran Healer Treatment.


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