Benefits of a Sports Clinic in Singapore

Physical therapy in Sports Clinic

More and more people have begun paying more attention to their health over the last decade. Tackling a sport is a popular choice for people to stay healthy and active. No matter how we are careful to follow precautionary standards in a sport, an injury is an unwelcome incidence that can still happen any time.

Our immediate response when it comes to injuries is to bring the patient directly to an emergency room to seek immediate treatment. That is correct. However, what happens during the days of recovery? Is resting alone enough for the full recovery of an injury?

This is when sports clinic come in handy. A sports clinic? Yup, not a lot of people are familiar with one, so this article by PhysioActive will give you a list of benefits that you can get with the services provided by a sports clinic in Singapore.

Physiotherapy professional giving a treatment

If you think that sports clinic only treat injuries, you are wrong. Read this up to the very end to find out more.

1. A sports clinic provides injury management.

Top of mind, this is what we think when we hear the phrase “sports clinic.” Injury management may as well be a sports clinic’s most sought after service. Resting is not the only part of how an individual should heal from an injury; the injured portion of the body should also be managed by enabling it to regain most, if not all, of its strength and ability to function. This can be done through treatments that can be customised according to a patient’s needs. Treatments to manage injury normally uses state of the art exercise equipment that are administered by physiotherapists. Injury management helps hasten the patient’s recuperation so they can get back to their feet in no time.

2. A sports clinic provides workouts geared towards injury prevention.

Prevention is truly better than cure, especially for athletes or active individuals. Acquiring an injury can be problematic as it affects our daily lives. Hence, sports clinics are there to provide workouts that coach athletic individuals on how to properly execute the actions needed for their sport in the correct and best way in order to avoid injuries.

3. A sports clinic provides medical care and relaxation for the body.

This is not your typical spa massage. Sports clinics offer massages that are developed according to how a certain group of muscles functions. Likewise, they take into consideration its structure. A sports clinic works around these factors to provide massages that are able to effectively provide medical care and relief to an individual’s body or body part.

4. A sports clinic provides training for muscle strength and conditioning.

Understanding the human anatomy should go hand-in-hand with any type of sport. This is to ensure that the athlete or individual doing the sport is safe and is able to stay fit and healthy. If the muscles of the body are weak, you can be sure that you are at high risk of meeting an injury along the way. One way that a sports clinic can do to prevent this is to provide strength and conditioning training for their patients. These trainings and workouts are customised according to a patient’s need.

5. A sports clinic provides therapies for specific sports.

PhysioActive specifically offers therapies for runners and golfers. A running analysis can be availed by athletes or running enthusiasts.

A biomechanical running analysis is a way to check on a runner’s gait patterns and weight loads. Through this, the experts at PhysioActive then recommend therapies or activities that will help a patient to complete long-distance runs with an improved running time, all the while avoiding disastrous injury.

Golf is a sport that demands not only accuracy, balance, flair and flexibility, but also mental toughness. By undergoing therapies that are formulated to assist golfers, you can ensure that the treatments you will receive are aimed at improving your way of playing the sport. The treatment for this is made holistically, so it tackles a wide range of factors that can affect a golfer’s performance.

What to expect when you visit a sports clinic in Singapore

Professional personal therapist

A sports clinic is just like any other medical clinic in Singapore. When you come for a visit, you can expect the following:

  • Patient assessment – this can last anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes. Assessments are done thoroughly to ensure that the patient gets the right treatment needed.
  • Expert therapists – you can expect a team of well-educated and skilled therapists to provide excellent and safe procedures relating to your need.
  • Customised and effective treatments – every patient has different needs. You can expect your treatment to be customised according to your assessment.
  • Personalised treatments – a treatment involves focus and being in a group can be really distracting. Treatments are done individually between patient and therapist to ensure that you get the proper treatment with full concentration to obtain optimum results.

Take away

Availing the various services of a sports clinic can greatly help a professional or an amateur athlete in taking proper care of their bodies and at the same time be successful in doing the activities that they love.


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