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Breast Cancer Screening Singapore: Who is Eligible for Breast Cancer Screening?

Early-stage cancer treatments boost your chances of survival, and this is where breast cancer screening also fits in perfectly. A routine breast cancer screening can significantly reduce your risks of dying from this disease.

During the screening, your clinician will use a mammogram, an x-ray examination of your breast to detect and diagnose breast cancer. A mammogram may be recommended at the Health Advisory Clinic if you experience breast problems like pain, lumps, or nipple discharge.

It may also be necessary for a routine breast cancer screening even if you haven’t reported any breast complaints. Mammography is majorly preferred in breast cancer screening because of its ability to detect early signs of breast cancer like cysts, and tumors, etc. before you can detect them by touch.

Note that a mammogram cannot point out that you have breast cancer. Instead, it can hint that you could have the disease. If the suspicion is significant, your physician will recommend removing the affected tissue for a biopsy.

Your surgeon may perform an open surgical biopsy or use a needle for removing the tissue and then examine it under a microscope for cancer. A biopsy, in this case, is a detailed medical exam that can help examine the suspected tissue for breast cancer.

There are two types of mammograms that may be used for detecting breast cancer; the diagnostic mammogram or screening mammogram.

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Elderly Care in Singapore – How You Can Get Elderly Care Services at Home

It can be a challenge to take care of your elderly family members at home, especially when they are suffering from chronic medical conditions such as arthritis or diabetes. There are also times when the elderly are affected by acute conditions such as the flu, and getting medical care becomes difficult. A lot of times, the elderly have to be transported to a hospital or clinic for his/her regular checkup, get medicine prescription, or avail treatment and therapy. They will also have to be accompanied by someone during these times and can be difficult for some families. What if I told you that there is actually a way to get elderly care in Singapore without having to go to a hospital? Thanks to Speedoc, you or a family member can request for a doctor or nurse to visit your elderly family members at the comfort of your home with the use of a simple phone app. This way, proper elderly care can be provided as well as several other services that can help in taking care of your loved ones. Some of the elderly care services that Speedoc offers include:

1. Comprehensive care assessment

Nurse helping senior woman The elderly are given comprehensive health assessments at home to determine their overall state of health as well as to be informed of any former and preexisting health conditions. A nurse will visit your home and measure the...
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A Brief Guide on Blepharoplasty (Double Eyelid Surgery)

In Singapore and other Asian countries like South Korea and China, having double eyelids is considered a very attractive feature. Naturally born with single eyelids, Singaporeans have included double eyelids in their standard for exceptional beauty. Singaporean men and women, celebrities and the not, desire to have double eyelids. Being open to cosmetic enhancements, more and more patients have turned to cosmetic surgery to turn their single eyelids to double eyelids. The procedure to achieve double eyelids is called blepharoplasty or double eyelid surgery. Blepharoplasty in Singapore is very common and is surely available in most Singaporean cosmetic clinics. The procedure is really popular that even Singaporean parents let their children undergo the procedure as a gift. If you are one of those who are interested in having double eyelids, Dream gives you here a brief guide on blepharoplasty to kick start your journey.

How does blepharoplasty work?

Double eye lid removal plastic surgery Through blepharoplasty, the single eyelid is turned to double eyelid by creating creases/folds on the upper eyelids. The procedure can be incisional or non-incisional which differs mainly on how the crease is created.

Incisional versus Non-incisional Blepharoplasty

To give you an idea as to what approach best suits you, we will briefly compare the incisional and non-incisional blepharoplasty in the following section.
  • How the crease is made
From the name itself, the incisional method requires incisions (cut the skin)...
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 What You Need to Know About Mole Removal in Singapore 

People who have moles are often born with them. While they can act as beauty marks and accentuate your look, others can be unpleasantly located on our bodies. In extreme cases, others may be cancerous. For one reason or another, someone who has moles may decide to have them removed. This is everything you need to know about mole removal in Singapore.

Understanding moles

Moles are simply pigment cells that have clustered together. In normal cases, they pose no health risk. However, if you notice that a mole on your body has started to change, it is important to have it checked by a dermatologist just in case it is cancerous. While a mole changing is rarely a sign of cancer, you cannot rule out the possibility of this and should, therefore, be checked. A medical consultation at the Removal of mole A strategy that people with moles can use to monitor any changes at home is the ABCDE rule. It is as follows: Asymmetry – check for any asymmetry on the mole. Borders – if the outer edges of the mole are uneven, go for a checkup. Colour – the mole should have a single colour. If you notice multiple colours, go in for a checkup. Diameter – the mole should not be greater than 6mm. Evolving – if the mole is changing in colour or size, then it is evolving and should, therefore, be checked.


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Invisalign Singapore – Why Choose Invisalign over Braces?

Thinking of having your teeth straightened? Well, there are two popular options available for you in Singapore right now – metal braces or Invisalign. Braces have existed for a long time (since the 18th century), while Invisalign is still a relatively new product, having been introduced in 1999. Despite this, Invisalign in Singapore has slowly but surely become a very popular alternative to dental braces. In this article, Ubiqi details why you should choose Invisalign for straightening your teeth.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a brand of orthodontic devices called clear aligners, which are used to straighten and align teeth. Unlike traditional braces that are clearly visible on your teeth and are immediately noticeable, Invisalign is, as its name suggests, invisible, and can only be noticed at a very close distance. This makes it a great option for people who want to keep a low profile and avoid the unsightly look of braces. Smiling girl wearing invisalign Invisalign is made using a comfortable clear plastic that is worn over your teeth to slowly and gently move your teeth to a straight position. To create the clear aligners, the specialist will create a precise 3D model of your teeth through X-rays and pictures. These 3D models are then used to configure the series of aligner trays so that they are specifically customized for your treatment. These aligners are strong enough to apply pressure to your teeth to...
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Benefits of a Sports Clinic in Singapore

More and more people have begun paying more attention to their health over the last decade. Tackling a sport is a popular choice for people to stay healthy and active. No matter how we are careful to follow precautionary standards in a sport, an injury is an unwelcome incidence that can still happen any time. Our immediate response when it comes to injuries is to bring the patient directly to an emergency room to seek immediate treatment. That is correct. However, what happens during the days of recovery? Is resting alone enough for the full recovery of an injury? This is when sports clinic come in handy. A sports clinic? Yup, not a lot of people are familiar with one, so this article by PhysioActive will give you a list of benefits that you can get with the services provided by a sports clinic in Singapore. Physiotherapy professional giving a treatment If you think that sports clinic only treat injuries, you are wrong. Read this up to the very end to find out more.

1. A sports clinic provides injury management.

Top of mind, this is what we think when we hear the phrase “sports clinic.” Injury management may as well be a sports clinic’s most sought after service. Resting is not the only part of how an individual should heal from an injury; the injured portion of the body should also be managed by...
Profhilo Singapore

The New Kid On The Block: Discover the Truth About Profhilo in Singapore

With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to decide which skin-enhancing treatment delivers the best result. Each brand claims to offer a plethora of benefits, throwing around enticing phrases like “dewy and plump skin”, “enhanced collagen production”, and “intense skin hydration” to encourage people to patronize their wares. Then there are treatments like skin boosters and dermal fillers that basically use the same key ingredient – hyaluronic acid – but each with a separate approach when it comes to skin enhancement. Lastly, what if there is an actual option that combines the benefits of these two popular treatments into one, hyper-charged solution? Profhilo is a patented technology of self-distributing injectable. Neither a skin booster nor a filler, it is the only stabilized hyaluronic acid-based injectable that targets skin laxity and skin ageing symptoms through bio-stimulation of four different types of elastin, collagen, and proliferate adipose stem cells. Elastin and collagen are important in maintaining the elasticity of the skin, as both serve as the support structure of the skin. You can think of these two as the scaffolding that supports a building. The more elastin and collagen there are, the firmer the skin is. But as we age, the natural production of elastin and collagen are lessened and as a result, hyaluronic acid (HA) production is reduced, too, which makes the skin look wrinkly, saggy, and tired. If you have ever reached this inevitable point, then it is the perfect opportunity for you to explore the...
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Ear, Nose, and Throat Treatments offered by ENT Clinic in Singapore

Our sense organs play an important role in our everyday life. Imagine if one of your sense organs stopped functioning. What will the world be like if we cannot hear or smell? That will make our life a lot harder. This is why any concerns about our sense organs must be addressed immediately to avoid absolute and irreversible damage. In Singapore, ear, nose, throat(ENT) problems are common. Recent studies show that20% of adults and 40% of children have had an ENT disorder. A leading ENT clinic in Singapore like that offers ENT treatments for adults and children is headed by Dr. Dennis Chua, who is recognized as one of the top ENT specialists with 15 years of medical experience in treating ENT disorders. He obtained his Otorhinolaryngology specialist accreditation from Singapore and is fully accredited as an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) surgeon by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and Singapore Media Council. In the following sections, Dr. Dennis Chua informs us about the ENT treatments offered in his ENT Clinic in Singapore.

Pediatric ENT

Pediatric ENT Doctor Examining Sick Little Patient
  1. Pediatric Allergies and Rhinitis
Allergies and rhinitis are very common in children. The most prevalent signs are runny nose, blocked nose, frequent sneezing, rubbing of the eyes and nose. In particular cases, I run a skin prick test to look for possible allergens.  In one case of a...
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The Concise Guide to Facelifts in Singapore

One of the more popular cosmetic procedures in Singapore is the facelift, and there are several reasons why someone would want one. The skin produces collagen, which is the most abundant protein in the human body and is responsible for keeping the structure of your skin. As people age, the rate of collagen production slows down, which causes the skin, particularly in the face, to lose structure and start to sag and become loose. This results in several issues, including a sagging face, loose skin, a droopy mouth, and fat buildup around the neck and under the chin. In order to fix these skin problems, one solution is by undergoing a facelift procedure. But what exactly is a facelift, and how does it work?

What exactly is a facelift procedure?

A facelift, or a rhytidectomy (from the Greek words for ‘wrinkle excision’), is a catch-all term for several cosmetic procedures whose aim is to give the face a younger and tighter appearance. There are two main options for facelifts, either a surgical or a non-surgical one. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and it is important for patients to understand the differences between them before deciding on a procedure.

What surgical facelifts that are available in Singapore?

Surgical Facelift A surgical facelift is an invasive procedure that involves the making of an incision in the skin. After the incision, the surgeon will then lift and reposition your skin tissue. A...
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What You Need to Know When Getting Vitrectomy in Singapore

Eye diseases and traumas are sometimes unavoidable, whether we take good care of our eyes or not. The risk of causing damage to this vital part of our body is, of course, higher when we overlook giving them the proper care they need. One inevitable change that our eyes experience is wear and tear. As our body ages, so do our eyes. Our eyes also weaken as we grow old. According to Dr Claudine Pang leading eye specialist (ophthalmologist) in Singapore from AsiaRetina an essential part of the eye that is usually prone to injuries or diseases is the Vitreous Humor. This translucent gel-like substance helps in maintaining the retina in its proper position and serves to protect the eyes. The vitreous humour fills the eye cavity next to the lens. When the eye, specifically the retina, contracts a disease or an injury that needs an operation, the vitreous humour is usually drained in order to give way for the repairs to be done. This procedure is called a Vitrectomy.

Vitrectomy: What is it and how is it done?

Vitrectomy is a surgical procedure done to the eye. It involves the removal of the vitreous humour from the eyeball in order for the eye doctor to properly operate on the retina. There are two types of vitrectomy surgery: Posterior Pars Plana Vitrectomy and Anterior Vitrectomy. Eye surgery Vitrectomy surgery is done in the following steps:
  1. Prior to...