The Thread Lift Singapore: Is it worth it?


Thread lift in Singapore is a household name for beauty enthusiasts. It is minimally invasive, implying that you may not have to deal with issues like extended downtimes and scarring, etc. if it’s done correctly.

Do thread lifts work, though? If you’re curious about thread lifts, then we created this guide for you.

We have been keen to touch on the benefits of thread lift, and risks, in this guide so you can make an informed decision before consenting to the treatment. If you’ve already decided to get a thread lift in Singapore, contact the Artisan Clinic for your consultation and schedule a date for your treatment.

We use high quality polydioxanone (PDO) threads to lift skin that has lost rigidity. We carefully place the threads into your skin to rejuvenate and lift it, reducing the appearance of aging signs like wrinkles.

You can trust us for this aesthetic procedure because all our beauty artisans are board-certified. Besides, we use state of the art technology for all our treatments to ensure efficiency and significantly minimize the risks of complications.

How long does a Thread Lift Last?

To understand how long a thread lift in Singapore would last, it would be better to understand what happens during a thread lift.

Now, in a thread lift procedure, your skin doctor will use temporary ‘threads’ or sutures to lift your skin, activate your body’s healing response, and tighten the skin. Therefore, instead of having to surgically remove the loose skin on your face or neck area, the cosmetic surgeon will only need to suspend it by stitching up some portions of the skin.

This will ensure that your skin is pulled back slightly, therefore lifting and making it tighter. The sutures used in thread lift effectively add a lift to your skin and stimulate collagen production in the treated areas.

Collagen helps wound healing and is also effective in keeping our skin in shape, hydrated, and strong. Therefore infusing fresh collagen into the skin when it has begun to show signs of sagging can help thicken and hydrate the skin to make it look younger.

Note that thread lift isn’t an instant fix but you will notice subtle changes like skin contouring and lifting effect. You should expect only to notice a gradual improvement in your skin’s firmness and tone with time.

The full results from a thread lift may be visible within one to two months following your treatment and can last from one to three years. This will depend on several factors, including your age, body’s metabolism rate, the quality and thickness of the threads used. Ideally, the effects will gradually decrease as the threads dissolve.

Benefits of Thread Lift vs. Facelift

Both facelift and thread lift are helpful anti-aging treatments. If you’re considering a thread lift in Singapore, one of your most significant advantages is that you’re assured of reduced recovery time than in a facelift procedure.

Besides, you will not need to be heavily sedated during your treatment and may also not need some time off work or school to heal if you had a thread lift, while with a facelift, you’d need around 7 to 14 days off. With a thread lift, you’ll also benefit from a comparatively easy recovery. You may be able to take care of yourself with ease compared to a facelift where you may need a caretaker for some time after your surgery.

Facelifts also come with higher risks of complications than thread lifts, are costlier than thread lifts, and you cannot reverse the effects if you do not like the results. If you had a thread lift in Singapore and didn’t like the results, though, you can always wait for the threads to dissolve, unlike in a facelift where you’d need another invasive procedure.

Even though thread lift is a low-risk procedure, it is important to acknowledge that it isn’t a risk-free treatment. For instance, you may experience mild soreness, swelling, and redness after the procedure.

Many patients can get back to less strenuous work. If you participate in intense activities or sports, it would be better to take some time off to avoid aggravating the risks of swelling or bleeding after this low-risk cosmetic surgery.

When cleansing or applying moisturizer to your face after a thread lift, it is also advisable that you do not vigorously rub it or apply pressure on the places the threads were placed. You will also need to be keen on how you sleep to avoid rolling directly onto your face, so the threads don’t migrate to unintended areas.

A thread lift in Singapore is worth it. However, it may be majorly recommendable if you’re looking for an anti-aging treatment that’s low risk, temporary, and less expensive.

Would you want to know more about Thread lift in Singapore?

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