What You Need to Know About Mole Removal in Singapore 

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People who have moles are often born with them. While they can act as beauty marks and accentuate your look, others can be unpleasantly located on our bodies. In extreme cases, others may be cancerous.

For one reason or another, someone who has moles may decide to have them removed. This is everything you need to know about mole removal in Singapore.

Understanding moles

Moles are simply pigment cells that have clustered together. In normal cases, they pose no health risk. However, if you notice that a mole on your body has started to change, it is important to have it checked by a dermatologist just in case it is cancerous.

While a mole changing is rarely a sign of cancer, you cannot rule out the possibility of this and should, therefore, be checked.

A medical consultation at the Removal of mole

A strategy that people with moles can use to monitor any changes at home is the ABCDE rule.

It is as follows:

Asymmetry – check for any asymmetry on the mole.

Borders – if the outer edges of the mole are uneven, go for a checkup.

Colour – the mole should have a single colour. If you notice multiple colours, go in for a checkup.

Diameter – the mole should not be greater than 6mm.

Evolving – if the mole is changing in colour or size, then it is evolving and should, therefore, be checked.

Mole removal Singapore

When going for a checkup after scheduling an appointment with your doctor, the first step will be to run a biopsy. Your doctor will ask about your current and historical medical conditions.

They will then take a scalpel and take a sample of the mole to test for cancerous cells. To prevent pain, the patient receives a numbing cream on the area or local anaesthesia.

Note that depending on the results, the doctor may or may not remove the mole. You may, however, require the mole to be removed for cosmetic reasons.

It is important to get treated in a top-notch clinic run by a doctor with many years of experience such as

1Aesthetics. You will receive the best service. Moreover, the doctor can handle complications and the risks involved.

Mole removal procedure

Luckily, mole removal is not a complex procedure and patients can go back home after treatment. There are several treatment methods however depending on the type, location and size of the mole. The doctor will use a local anaesthetic during the procedure.

The treatments procedures include:

  1. Excision

The doctor will apply numbing cream or local anaesthetic to the mole and surrounding area. Shave excision is then used to scrape off the mole and surrounding tissue. The doctor may also use surgical excision where the doctor removes the mole and some of the tissue surrounding it.

The method used by the doctor will depend on the size of the mole. If the doctor uses surgical excision, the patient will get stitches. On the other hand with shave excision, the area will be covered with a bandage to prevent any infection.

  1. Punch biopsy

This method is similar to surgical mole removal. Here the doctor will start by disinfecting the area. The patient receives local anaesthesia. The doctor then uses a specialized tool to punch into the skin and pull up the mole. Using a cutting tool, the mole is removed.

The patient will get stitches and can go home and wait for recovery.

  1. Laser mole removal

Laser mole removal

There are 3 main types of moles treated with laser mole removal. These include:

  • Small-sized moles
  • Brown or black moles
  • Nonmalignant moles

With this type of mole removal Singapore, the patient has a much lower risk of developing a scar. That said, to completely remove the mole, the patient may need several procedures done.


Mole removal is an outpatient treatment. While the patient may experience pain after the anaesthesia wears off, the doctor will recommend pain killers. Be careful not to buy OTC painkillers as some can cause thinning of blood resulting in bleeding.

There is little downtime required after treatment and the patient can resume normal activities in a few days. That said, several factors will influence downtime such as the size and location of the mole.

It is important to ask your doctor about precautions you will need to take and what type of physical activities to avoid.

Scarring and how to prevent it

Many patients who are considering mole removal Singapore often ask about the possibility of scars.

Younger people are more likely to heal faster and any scarring disappears sooner compared to older people.

However, you can avoid scarring through some easy steps which include:

  • Avoiding stretching the skin
  • Avoiding exposure by the sun
  • Using a moisturizing ointment

Final word

Whether it is purely for aesthetic reasons or for medical reasons, mole removal is a quick and simple process. It has little downtime and patients can get back to normal activities in a day or two. Just make sure to stay out of the sun and use a moisturizing ointment to keep the place supple for proper healing.


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